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High resolution meets beautiful bokeh

Every aspect of the SP 70-200mm F/2.8 G2 (Model A025) zoom has been improved, providing high image quality and enhanced bokeh throughout. Optical design features include XLD (eXtra Low Dispersion) and LD (Low Dispersion) glass to eliminate chromatic aberrations across the entire zoom range, ensuring optimum resolution— even at the edges. eBAND Coating designed exclusively for this new zoom offers superior anti- reflection properties, greatly minimizing flare and ghosting. And refined bokeh provides spectacular background effects from nearly any angle.

MOD reduced to 0.95m

Improvements to the new SP 70-200mm F/2.8 G2 extend well into the lens barrel. Tamron has reduced the MOD from 1.3m (50.7 in) in our older model to 0.95m (37.4 in), allowing a maximum magnification ratio of 1:6.1. The shorter MOD, coupled with the superb optical performance of this new zoom, allows you to significantly broaden your range of expression.

Accuracy in action

The USD (Ultrasonic Silent Drive) ring-type motor, along with two high-performance microcomputers, ensures excellent focusing speed and accuracy. The Full-time Manual Focus override allows you to make fine adjustments while using AF, without having to switch from AF to MF mode.

Keep it steady with VC equal to 5 stops

Tamron’s best-in-class VC* image stabilization performance is equivalent to 5 stops**, according to CIPA standards. Plus, this lens offers a choice of three VC modes, including one exclusively for panning. Now you can match the VC mode to your shooting conditions and enjoy sharp, jitter-free handheld shooting—even in low light.

* Among 70-200mm F/2.8 interchangeable lenses for full-frame DSLR cameras. 
(As of January, 2017. Source: Tamron.)

** Using in VC MODE 3 For Canon: 5D-MKIII is used For Nikon: D810 is used

Compatible with the new Tamron tele converters

The SP 70-200mm G2 is compatible with the new, optional Tamron tele converters, which match the optics of the lens. They offer 1.4x and 2.0x magnification and provide a maximum zoom range up to 400mm. These new tele converters extend focal length of the master lens, making it possible to take pictures in farther telephoto ranges.

Expand Your Options with TAP-in Console

The future is here. Now you can update firmware, customize autofocus positions and adjust the mechanical setup and preferences of the SP 70-200mm 2.8 G2 by simply attaching it to the TAMRON TAP-in Console and connecting it via USB to a personal computer.


Extremely high resolution and excellent contrast reproduction - Tamron SP 2,8 / 70-200 VC USD G2

The optical design based on the predecessor model SP 70-200mm has been extensively revised. The resolution performance and the contrast reproduction of the new lens are considerably higher. The tube contains 23 elements in 17 groups, including XLD (eXtra Low Dispersion) and LD (Low Dispersion) glass elements. The special lenses minimize image errors such as chromatic aberrations (color fringes), which are typical for light-strong telephoto lenses, and at the same time ensure uniformly high image quality over the entire image area.

VC image stabilization
The VC image stabilization of Tamron is based on a 3-axis winding system, the performance of which has been further improved. The reaction time of the drive unit as well as the control mechanism have been optimized so that now compensation via five aperture stages is possible. Telephoto shooting in low light is thus much less susceptible to camera shake.

Extremely fast autofocus
The SP 70-200mm G2 is equipped with an ultrasonic ring motor whose outstanding response speed ensures extremely fast focusing. By using two very powerful microchips and an improved AF algorithm, the focus speed and the precision compared to the previous model were significantly accelerated. If necessary, the automatic focus can be adjusted manually at any time without having to change to the manual focus mode (MF).

Wundervoller bokeh effect
Nine lens flaps form an almost circular opening, resulting in a very harmonious bokeh effect. Background and foreground blur in miraculous soft blur.

Versatile thanks to a shorter centering distance
By optimizing the focus and zoom mechanism inside the lens barrel, the focusing distance is shortened from 1.30 meters to 0.95 meters compared to the previous model. This allows a lower recording distance and thus a larger imaging scale. In combination with the excellent resolution performance the photographer offers a variety of new expressive possibilities.

Optimized eBAND compensation
All lens elements are equipped with a Tamron specially developed for the SP 70-200mm G2 (Extendes Bandwidth & Angular Dependency). This technology combines a conventional multiple coating and an extremely thin nano coating with extremely low refractive index. The high anti-reflective properties of this combination ensure a very effective anti-reflective coating of the lens surfaces, minimizing stray light and light reflections inside the lens. Even with backlighting, the new telezoom lens achieves makellose, brilliant picture results.

Weatherproof design and flour coating
The housing of the SP 70-200mm G2 is protected against splashes and dust at all critical points with special seals. The lens can be used safely in any weather as well as in damp and dirty environments. The front liner is provided with a water- and grease-repellent flour coating. The outer surface is thus particularly easy to clean and insensitive to fingerprints, moisture or damage by adhering dirt particles.

Arca-Swiss compatible tripod clamp
The SP 70-200mm G2 comes with a newly designed tripod clamp. It is compatible with Arca-Swiss quick-change plates and is made of lightweight, robust magnesium, as is also used in tripod construction.


Light intensity: 2.8
Focal length: 70 - 200 mm
Max. Imaging scale: 1: 6,1
Filter size: 77 mm
Closest focusing distance: 0.95 m
Number of blinds: 9
Minimum aperture: F / 22
VC image stabilizer

Lens type:Zoom
Mounting Type:Canon
Macro Lens:No
Video Lens:No
Tilt-Shift Lens:No
Type of Sensor:Full Frame / APS-C
Luminous Intensity:2,8
Focal Length (mm):70 - 200
Minimum Focus (cm):95
Filter Size (mm):77
Max. Illustration Scale:1:6,1
Number of Aperture Blades:9
Length (mm):193,8
Diameter (mm):88
Weight (g):1500

Additional product features

Super Performance

Tamron's Super Performance series delivers a range of lenses that meet the highest standards.

Internal Focusing (IF) System

The extension length of the lens does not change during focussing and the close focussing distance is significantly reduced across the entire focusing range.

VC (Vibration Compensation)

The VC Image Stabilizer delivers sharp and shake-free images, as well as a smooth viewfinder image.

USD (Ultrasonic Silent Drive)

Powerful ultrasonic motor for quick and dynamic subjects. It is extremely quiet, precise and allows manual control at any time.

Benefit from our 5-year warranty

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Focal Length [mm]70-200
Maximum ApertureF/2.8
Minimum Object Distance [m]1.30
Maximum Magnification Ratio1:8
Filter Size [mm]77
Weight [g]1470
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